Sunday, July 3, 2011

Isssshtyleee?? Naa Just "Style"

Showin' some love !

Okay So I was quite young (Ah such good times) when this film was released. A couple of days ago I borrowed its DVD from a friend (which I have still kept, even though she keeps asking back for it) and watched the entire film. My overall impression of it ? – Mixed  ! (I did find some scenes hilarious, but the plot was a bit too puzzling for my liking) Though it is cringe worthy at times (which I will mention later), this film is a good time pass yaar. What puzzles me though is why is this film titled “Style”? There is nothing Isshtly-ish about it. The plot is primitive, the heroes are not the kind you would daydream about, the music is Meeeh ! Hmmm, I guess there are some things in life which we will never comprehend.

Okay ! This was quite stupid. Some 'goonda's are harassing the girls and instead of saving them they start dancing FOR CRYING OUT LOUD ! Not cool and definitely not Stylish !
The film is basically set in a typical college environment where Chantu and Bantu (Sharman and Sahil) live off ripping their friends playing pranks on them. They entrap Rani and Sheena (Shilpi and Riya) so that they can become ‘KarorPatis ‘ . The twist in the tale comes when Nikki (Tara Deshpande) ends up trapping Chantu and Bantu in a murder mystery.

Glam dolls. Riya and Shilpi doing some sexy beach dancing in the song Jaan meri Jaan Hai Tu
Given that this film was a first for the two male leads- Sharman Joshi and Sahil Khan, they did a pretty good job. Sharman, who went on to become quite popular in Indian Cinema (not Shahrukh Khan type popular though) showed that he can crack up audience more times then his fellow actor Sahil. Sahil Khan was all brawn and no brains kinda dude. His idol ? Yupp you guessed it right – Salman Khan  - since he has his poster in his room (Now don’t get me wrong am not labeling Sallu as a blonde).
Salman Khan wannabe ?? Not working though Sahil.. Since being a bollywood buff I have realised one important thing ..there can only be ONE sallu Miya ! And Sahil you are not it !

The two female leads, Riya Sen and Shilpi Mudgal (who is she ?? :/ ) were mere props who pranced around like complete glam dolls. 

I really don’t know what the Director/or the person who wrote the plot was trying to make out of this film. It’s an obvious comedy but the suspense scenes didn’t seem to go well with this genre. Its like reading two stories in one book.  Get it ??

Oh Sharman ! I wonder if you feel embarrassed watching this scene now ?
Sahil Khan in drag... Not a pretty sight ! Cringe !

The music is not really trendy, even though the X-cuse me song (Eeek, cringe worthy moment alert) went on to become quite popular. My favorite track from this one though  is ‘Mohabbat Ho Na Jaaye’. It’s a great song to listen to without the visuals. 

Despite its flaws, I still love  (Okay fine LIKE) this movie. Its one of those films which you watch when you have your dinner (in front of the Telly).

Rating: 6/10 (Only for its humor)


  1. same thought.tho I looovvvee the song excuse me and style main rehna ka

  2. @Mya :) Thanks for your comments ! :) However, I have had an overdose of the excuse me song lol which is why am not too fond of it. :)

    Anywayz thanks for visiting my blog and please do share its link with your friends and family ! :)
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